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The Cult Films of Marilyn Jess - Hardcover Book

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THE CULT FILMS OF MARILYN JESS charts the life and career of icon of 80s French eroticism, the beloved star Marilyn Jess.

This 304 page book explores, through critical essays and interviews, all aspects of Marilyn's incredible work in front of the camera. From her debut in films by master directors such as Gérard Kikoïne, Claude Mulot, and Jean Rollin, through her extensive work in photo novels along with her collaboration in cult satirical magazine Hara Kiri, and culminating in an extensive history of the production of the natatorios French-US co-production, "Traci, I Love You," starring the controversial American actress Traci Lords, no piece of information is left undiscovered!

Fully illustrated with hundreds of never before published color photographs as well as theatrical posters, along with original pieces of art from illustrators and painters, this luxurious, hard cover with soft touch finish book, measuring 10.35 x 11.5 inches in size, is the ultimate compendium for this queen of French X cinema.