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Take One / Moving!

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After leaving New York for San Francisco, acclaimed filmmaker and artist Wakefield Poole (Bijou, Boys In The Sand) set out to create a unique cinematic vision of male sexuality, combining documentary, performance art, and cinema verite filmmaking techniques, which resulted in one of the most distinctive works of all-male cinema of the 1970s: TAKE ONE.

In it, Poole explores the fantasies of a group of men, having them articulate their desires to the camera, then allowing them to live them out in elegant, abstract, and experimental scenes unlike any others in his diverse filmography. Using only friends and acquaintances as subjects, Poole creates a film that is as introspective to sexual desire as it is erotic.

Vinegar Syndrome presents TAKE ONE, restored in 2k from the best known surviving elements and presented in its Director's Cut. Also included is Poole's notorious 1974 loop feature, MOVING!, which has been newly restored from its original 16mm negative and is coming to DVD fully uncut.

Directed by: Wakefield Poole
Starring: Burt Edouards, Casey Donovan, Curt Gerard, Jeff Addison, Philip Borden, Tony Franco
1977 / Color / 1.33:1 OAR

  • Region free 2-disc DVD set
  • Scanned and restored in 2k
  • Director introductions and commentaries for both films
  • Three deleted scenes from TAKE ONE
  • Wakefield Poole in SF: A short documentary exploring Poole's life in San Francisco, and the people, places, and parties of late 70s gay SF
  • More on Moving: A short documentary chronicling the production history of MOVING!
  • Bonus short films: ROGER (1974), FREEDOM DAY PARADE (1974)
  • MOVING! theatrical trailer