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Lahaie by Brigitte - Hardcover Book

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By Brigitte Lahaie

In 2016, the book The Cult Films of Brigitte Lahaie was released, after three years in the making along with the actress to explore her formidable cinematic adventures. This book has become a source of pride for Brigitte.

Last year, after she moved from her former house, Brigitte invited us to examine all the photos she had accumulated over the years, whether taken by prestigious photographers or by amateurs, by friends or family members, or by the men who counted in her life. It very quickly became clear to us that there was material here for a very beautiful album, with plenty of unseen images, which would tell her life and career, from the first steps of a shy young woman in front of a camera lens to a famous and admired radio host.

Brigitte offered to write the texts for the album herself. And when she let us read the first chapters, we were both astonished and captivated, surprised to learn so much about her. After two particularly eventful years since the end of 2021, with a house fire, a divorce and a painful horse-riding accident, Brigitte has learned to let go, and now feels totally free to tell everything.

Brigitte explores her early years followed by her entry into the world of adult cinema, at the height of its golden age in the late 70’s in France. Then the desert crossing she experienced after her farewell to X-rated films. Her relationship with famed producer and cinema owner René Chateau, about which Brigitte opens up for the first time: her own way of paying tribute to this great man who has recently passed away, with whom she lived an intense story, both passionately and professionally.

When she left René, in order to regain the freedom she had always been so fond of, she turned her back on cinema once and for all, and chose to change her life. She left Paris to rejuvenate and to be close to animals and nature.

In 2001, a new adventure began. Her radio show made her France’s favorite confidante and advisor on love and sexuality, a source of new fulfillment for her.

Lahaie on Brigitte is a beautiful 176-page full-color hardcover book with soft-touch effect, in 25.80 x 28.40 format. It features over 100 photos, mainly from Brigitte’s private collection. English language.