The Erotic Memoirs of a Male Chauvinist Pig

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From nudies to roughies to ultra weird regional curiosities, the sexploitation world welcomed any filmmaker working in any genre, so long as the limits of nudity and sex on screen were pushed as far as they could go - but never all the way. DISTRIBPIX, one of the legendary names in the genre (and whose extensive library will be the backbone of this line), will offer single, double, and even triple feature Blu-rays highlighting works from every corner and crevice of softcore smut, from the dawn of nudie cuties to the all-but-hard 70s, with plentiful lost and never on disc films along the way.

The legendary Erotic Memoirs of Male Chauvinist Pig (1973) is a wildly fascinating throwback to the early years of explicit feature films.

Made by artist, and sometime master forger, Raymond C. Hoersch, the existential plot recounts the story of a misogynist and his travails with a series of women – and whilst exploiting all manner of taboos along the way. Highlights include a golden (beer) shower, a crude sexual violation, hot bondage and some messy copulation.

Featuring the cream of the pioneering adult film talent of East Coast erotic cinema including Tina Russell, Darby Lloyd Raines, Georgina Spelvin, and Helen Madigan, The Erotic Memoirs of Male Chauvinist Pig is a fascinating curio from the unforgettable grindhouse days of New York City’s adult cinema.

directed by: John Butterworth & R.C. Hörsch
starring: Darby Lloyd Raines, Georgina Spelvin, Helen Madigan, Tina Russell
1973 / 69 min / 1.37:1 / English Mono

Additional info:

  • Brand new HD transfer uncut and restored
  • Exclusive interview with Georgina Spelvin
  • Male Pig - original theatrical trailer
  • Short: BOX BALL in HD
  • Vintage slideshow
  • Definitive liner notes
  • 5x7 collectible card