Blonde Ambition: Platinum Elite Collection

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From nudies to roughies to ultra weird regional curiosities, the sexploitation world welcomed any filmmaker working in any genre, so long as the limits of nudity and sex on screen were pushed as far as they could go - but never all the way. DISTRIBPIX, one of the legendary names in the genre (and whose extensive library will be the backbone of this line), will offer single, double, and even triple feature Blu-rays highlighting works from every corner and crevice of softcore smut, from the dawn of nudie cuties to the all-but-hard 70s, with plentiful lost and never on disc films along the way.

An all-time classic of adult filmmaking, The Amero Brothers’ “Blonde Ambition” is a glorious XXX tribute to the MGM musicals of yesteryear. Starring Suzy Mandel and Dory Devon, and featuring the finest of New York’s golden age porn actors including Jamie Gillis, Eric Edwards, George Payne and Richard Bolla, the film recounts the exploits of the beautiful Kane Sisters, one of the worst Vaudeville acts in show business, as they aim for the big time in the Big Apple. With song and dance numbers galore, a porn version of Gone with the Wind, countless comedy routines, and a climactic scene in a New York leather bar, Blonde Ambition is unlike any film you’ve ever seen before. In the words of its directors “If you loved “Deep Throat” and “Singin’ in the Rain”, you’re gonna love “Blonde Ambition”. Video X Pix is proud to present a re-mastered version of this film together with an extensive collection of extras – including the first commentary that legendary director John Amero has ever recorded!

directed by: John Amero & Lem Amero
starring: Dory Devon, Eric Edwards, George Payne, Jeanne Joseph, Kurt Mann, Molly Malone, Patricia Dale, Suzy Mandel, Tara Belles, Jamie Gillis
1981 / 84 min / 1.33:1 / English Mono

Additional info:

  • 35MM Uncut feature remastered softcore version
  • Full length audio commentary with director, John Amero
  • Full length audio commentary with actor, Jamie Gillis
  • Original Movie Trailer
  • 20 Page color booklet
  • Also included is a 35MM Film strip cut from a Blonde Ambition Print
  • 5×7 Photo Insert of Suzy Mandel