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Flesh of the Lotus: A Johnny Wadd Novel

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By Bob Chinn

Bob Chinn is the creator and porn auteur of the nine-part Johnny Wadd adult film series that, in 1970, launched the career of legendary porn icon, John Curtis Holmes. After graduating from UCLA film school, Chinn had aspirations of becoming a mainstream Hollywood director but began to accept work opportunities in the erotic movie genre in order to support his young family.

The film noir character, private detective Johnny Wadd, was conceived by Chinn when a tall young man sporting an unruly afro entered Chinn's office seeking employment as an actor. Recognizing the potential after the man dropped his pants, Chinn hired John Holmes on the spot, and wrote a script for his new talent on the back of an envelope. Two days later, the very first Johnny Wadd movie was in the can. The modest picture was an instant sensation among adult film fans and created an immediate demand for a sequel. Forty years after its release, Johnny Wadd has become a historic and timeless piece of filmmaking that ignited Holmes' stardom and defined Bob Chinn as one of the most influential and respected players of the so-called Golden Age of adult pictures.

Flesh of the Lotus: A Johnny Wadd Novel is based upon the second film of the detective series (shot in 1971) and was inspired by Chinn's desire to expand upon the original storyline and character-something he was unable to do as a maverick filmmaker in the 1970s within the confines of budget restrictions and time constraints. In his debut as a compelling crime novelist, Bob Chinn invites readers to join lusty gumshoe Johnny Wadd on an absorbing journey of murder, sex and intrigue, in resolute pursuit of his former girlfriend's killer.

264 pages