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Melusine pre-fractionated animal venoms, ready-made for HTS

- unexplored peptides & proteins lead discovery collections -


A kind of magic!

Melusine are unique compound libraries of natural and synthetic peptides and proteins meticulously selected and prepared by Atheris Laboratories for targeted discovery of new bioactives. Melusine microplates are distinctive choices of pre-fractionated venoms and other natural extracts that our team of experts has selected for your research activities. Melusine microplate formats are ready-to-use in low- or high-throughput screening programs. Moreover, we propose tailored services that are designed to accelerate the discovery of bioactive molecules in biopharmaceutical and consumer health research. The Melusine team would like to contribute to your success and therefore, proposes several follow up programs.

Wish it, the Melusine team will do its best to grant it!

- unprecedented hit rates & unique hit-to-lead strategies -


Why screening Melusine microplates?

Venoms are high concentrates of bioactive molecules (mainly peptides and mini-proteins, but also small molecules) that perform at low nanomolar - picomolar ranges. Hence, compared to currently commercially available compound libraries, Melusine offers much higher chances to obtain valuable hits and thereby to identify tomorrow’s drugs or bioactive ingredients for the cosmetic, food or biochemical industries. Not surprisingly, venoms led already to the successful development of five peptide-based drugs, amongst which Captopril, Byetta and Prialt.

Our current libraries has just been expanded to 600 pre-fractionated animal venoms, 200 pre-fractionated insect hemolymphs and synthetic peptides from other sources. In the case of venoms only, we estimate a mean of 500 biomolecules per venom sample, which represents a grand total of about 250’000 peptides, mostly bioactives. We also offer special collections on an exclusive basis and willingly prepare custom-made libraries to meet our partner's needs. The Melusine team is working actively to expand the library. Please visit our website periodically for updates.

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